Une fenêtre sur le Mississippi

They're from Mississippi, and they've played the Blues Rules Crissier Festival:

– Blues Mother Tupelo (2010 1st time in Europe)
– Kenny Brown (2011, 2015, 2019 &2022)
– Reverend John Wilkins (2012 1st time in Switzerland)
– Sharde Thomas & the Rising Star fife and drum band (2012 1st time in Switzerland & 2018)
– Adam Gussow (2012 1st time in Switzerland)
– Robert Belfour (2013 Last time in Europe)
– Lightnin’ Malcolm (2013)
– Leo Bud Welch (2014 1st time in Europe & 2016 Last time in Europe)
– Kent Burnside (2014 1st time in Switzerland & 2019 & 2022)
– Eric Deaton (2015 1st time in Switzerland & 2022)
– Little Joe Ayers (2015 1st time in Switzerland)
– Bill Abel (2015 1st time in Switzerland)
– Alvin Youngblood Hart (2015)
– Cedric Burnside & Trenton Ayers (2016 1st time in Switzerland)
– Cedric Burnside Project (2016 & 2019)
– Robert Kimbrough Sr. (2017 1st time in Europe)
– Cam Kimbrough (2017 1st time in Europe)
– Ms. Nickki (2017 1st time in Switzerland)
– Mark Muleman Massey (2017 1st time in Europe)
– Anthony Big A Sherrod (2018 1st time in Europe)
– R.L. Boyce (2018 1st time in Switzerland)
– SheWolfe Jones & the Wolfpack (2018 1st time in Europe)
– Johnie B. & Queen Iretta Sanders Blues Band Revue (2019 1st time in Europe & 2022)
– The Como Mamas (2019 1st time in Switzerland)
– Libby Rae Watson (2022 1st time in Switzerland)
Bobby Rush (2023)
Lady Trucker (2023 1st time in Europe)

and more from the South:

and more from the South:
– Red Mouth
(20101st time in Europe)
– Scissormen
(2010 & 2011)
– Shake it Like a Caveman
– Wes Mackey
(2010, 2011, 2014)
– Ian Thomas
(20101st time in Switzerland)
– Joe Troop
(2011 1st time in Switzerland)
Reverend Deadeye (2011, 2016 & 2021)
– Bob Log III (2011)
– Possessed by Paul James (2012 & 2018)
– Sarah Savoy (2014 & 2015)
– Scott H. Biram (2015)
– Rev. KM Williams (2016)
– Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band (2017)
– Big Papa Binns (2018 1st time in Switzerland)
– David Evans (2019 1st time in Switzerland)
– Archie Lee Hooker (2021)
– Zakk & Big Papa Binns (2021 1st time in Switzerland)
– Tom Bailey & Emilie Vidrine Cajun Special (2021: put together for the Blues Rules only)
– Memphissippi Sounds (2022 1st time in Europe (solo) & 2023 (duo))
– Janky (2023 1st time in Switzerland)

and more North American under this southern influance:

– Crushed Out (form. Boom Chick) (2010 1st time in Switzerland & 2017)
– The Black Diamond Heavies (2010 1st time in Switzerland)
– Reid Paley Trio (2010 1st time in Switzerland)
– Hillstomp (2011 1st time in Switzerland)
– Eric McFadden Trio (2011)
– Foghorn String Band (2012)
– Molly Gene One Whoaman Band (2012 1st time in Europe, 2016 & 2018 + 2023)
– Neal Black (2012)
– Keith B. Brown (2012)
– Left Lane Cruiser (2013)
– Ten Foot Polecats (2014 1st time in Europe)
– Eric Bibb (2014)
– Mud Morganfield (2015)
– Mississippi Gabe Carter (2016 1st time in Switzerland)
– Mighty Mo Rodgers (2016 & 2021)
– Rev. James Leg (2016)
– The Freight Train Rabbit Killer (2018 1st time in Europe)
– Todd Albright (2019 1st time in Europe)
– Trixie & The Trainwrecks (2021)
– Little Victor’s Juke Joint (2021)
Molly Gene & Sarah Rogo (2023 1st time in Europe)
Natalia M. King (2023)
Rachel Ammons (2023 1st time in Switzerland)

a word from David Evans:

Anthropologist teacher & Ethnomusicologist| Musician | Winner of 2 Grammy Awards

I write as a former participant in the festival (2019) and as one who has been involved in blues music research, teaching, publication, performance, and promotion since the 1960s.

Blues Rules is the latest in a long history of European blues festivals that have tried to feature American performers who adhere closely to the traditional sounds and styles of African-American blues music. I could cite the traveling American Folk Blues Festival, organized from Germany in the 1960s, the Amsterdam Blues Festival and Blues Estafette in The Netherlands and the Salaise Blues Festival in France in the 1980s, and various others in the UK and other countries of Europe that I have observed or participated in since that time. Over the years since the 1960s European appreciation of American blues music has grown, and the genre has now become part of the international spectrum of popular music that includes rock & roll, jazz, hip hop, reggae, soul, and other genres. This process of popularization has also seen the participation of many European and other non-American performers of the music, and it has led to the elevation of a blues-rock hybrid style as the "face" of the music for many of the new followers and listeners. As a result, many European blues festivals today are content to present few, or even not any, American performers, or only ones who perform in a blues-rock style. While I intend no disrespect for the many fine non-American artists who are performing blues today, I think it is very important that European audiences also be exposed to the variety of styles of this music performed by American artists, particularly those American artists who adhere closely to the music's traditions. Blues Rules is one of the very few European festivals that does that.

When I performed at Blues Rules in 2019, I was one of at least six acts from America, including bands. One of the artists I was very glad to see was Cedric Burnside from Mississippi, whose father and grandfather I had recorded and documented as part of my research in the 1970s and 1980s. Cedric has recently won awards and has developed a substantial career in music. The festival was well attended and very well organized, both for the fans and for the comfort of the artists, even despite the heavy rain that inconvenienced everyone on one night. I'm very glad that you are continuing with a similar type of programming in your selection of artists for the 2022 festival, and I wish you great success in your effort to obtain supplemental funding in order to accomplish this goal.


David Evans
Professor of Music Emeritus
The University of Memphis

a word from William R. Ferris:

Professor of History | Folklorist & Author | honored by the Blues Hall of Fame | Grammy Award for Best Historical Album

As you well know, the blues have inspired musicians and their appreciative audiences in Europe for over 100 years. Having followed the Blues Rules Crissier Festival since you and Thomas Lécuyer launched it in 2010, I am in awe of the number and quality of artists that you feature each year. Since 50% of those artists are American, you encourage an important exchange of music between American and European performers. The impressive number and quality of Mississippi artists who will perform at your 2022 festival will include: Robert Finley, Eric Deaton & Kenny Brown, Libby Rae Watson, Little Willie Farmer (1st time in Europe), Memphissippi Sounds (1st time in Europe), Kent Burnside.

Your festival draws audiences from throughout the world and will continue to grow each year as a global destination for blues fans. I look forward to following your impressive work and am pleased to give your proposal to Alexander Sigrist, Cultural Affairs Specialist in the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy, in Bern, Switzerland, my strongest support.
With admiration and very best wishes.


William Ferris
Joel R. Williamson Eminent Professor of History Emeritus
Senior Associate Director Emeritus
Center for Study of the American South
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

a word from Kenny Brown:

Musician | Founder of the North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic

The concept for the Blues Rules Crissier Festival was form at the North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic in 2008 when Festival Coordinator Vincent Delsupexhe attended the Picnic and wanted to take the Picnic feel back to Europe. Blues Rules was worked diligently to promote the North Mississippi Hill Country blues through its festival and continued to coordinate with the North MS Hill Country Picnic festival coordinators to bring traditional hill country performs to his festival.

a word from Ted Drozdowski:

Senior editor & Award-winning Journalist | Musician & Producer | Film Consultant

Blues Rules and Crissier, with its welcoming and supportive local government and merchant base, and wonderful community volunteers, has wholeheartedly embraced the music that sprang from the Mississippi Delta and Hill County and waves the flag for it 365 days a year — not just during the annual weekend long festival.
The festival has been a source of income, support and a European springboard for a wealth of artists from Mississippi as well as artists influenced by the sound and spirit of the great music from the Magnolia State — including me and my internationally touring band Ted Drozdowski’s Scissormen. Mississippi blues performers at Blues Rules have included Kenny Brown, Kent Burnside, Lightnin’ Malcolm, Blue Mother Tupelo, Robert Belfour and Bud Welch, among others. The festival’s slogan is “where the Mississippi meets the Leman Lake,” referring to the large body of water in nearby Geneva.
When it comes to Mississippi blues, Crissier and Blues Rules are among the few literally putting their money where their mouths are in a meaningful way. People come to Blues Rules from all across Europe and leave having a better understanding of the music that emerged from the land where the blues began.