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Hey people,
The Blues Rules Crissier Festival needs you to keep on spreading the Blues around.

This year, to launch the 6th edition of our festival, we decided to launch an Indiegogo project to collect a bit of money…


Among the cool stuff you can find by scrolling the perks collumn, you’ll get crazy cool Diamond Bottlenecks, whiskey tin flasks, belt buckles, cigar box guitars, and awesome portraits of legendary bluesmen…  Continue reading

George Mitchell – Mississippi Hill Country Blues 1967

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Juillet 2013, paraissait ce livre de photos et de souvenirs du voyage de George Mitchell sur les terres du Blues, à la rencontre des gens, de leur musique, de leurs vies…

gmA l’occasion de la sortie de son livre, George avait bien voulu répondre à quelques questions…

Who took all the pictures from your book? you? Cathy? some others?

I took the pictures. Cathy took the picture of Rosa Lee Hill and me.

What cameras and films where used?

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★ Deep & Dirty Blues ★ (Switzerland)